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Subject: Four Friends: Chapter 4This story in not completely fictional. Nor is it the
truth and nothing but the truth. The names have
definitely been changed to protect the guilty. We are
all disease free and stay that way by protecting
ourselves whenever we play with anyone but each other.
Descriptions of unprotected sex are fictional because
I’m imaginative and not stupid.You know the rules… Don’t read this if you’re a
minor or are offended by gay or BDSM expression. Don’t
even think about reproducing or publishing it without
my permission. Remember, I have sadistic friends who
like to punish people! <>
CHAPTER 4They hurled me into the pool, a quick version of a
chemical bath to get all the piss off of me. I swam to
the other side, jumped out, and quickly dried off as
they moved me toward the house. I was dragged inside
to where the others waited and knocked down to all
fours before them.”Here’s the deal,” Dennis began to fill me in,
“They’re going to pay us to let them Teen Tube take you to a
dungeon party and treat you like piece of shit. On top
of that they’re going to let us come and watch. I
think it’s a good deal. In fact, I think you’d better
start showing some gratitude real quick.” Again,
Scott’s belt lands across my ass as I quickly crawl to
Dennis and lick and kiss his feet to show my
appreciation. “Now them!” The first black guy kicks
off his shoes and I kneel before him licking and
kissing his feet and toes. I’m used to the feel and
taste of Dennis’ feet because he makes me lick them
all the time. This dude’s feet are very different.
They smell different. They feel different to my tongue
and lips. They’re bigger and his toes are much longer.
I don’t realize that the other guy has taken the belt
from Scott until I feel it land across my back. I
hesitate a split second before I continue lapping at
the feet in front of me. The belt continues to land
across my back and ass. I concentrate and frantically
worship the feet before me until he steps away.”Now, thank me!” The guy with the belt commands. I
crawl to his feet and kiss them. “Not good enough,” he
said. He drops his pants giving me clear view of his
beautiful cock and balls. They are big and dark black.
His cock is perfectly shaped, uncut, eight inches, and
his balls are big and low hanging in a thick sack. He
obviously trimmed his pubic hair, which is tight and
curly. I’m happy to thank him this way and move toward
his dick ready to kiss, lick, and suck it. He turns
around as I near him and offers me his ass. “Suck my
hole!” He instructs me.Dan laughed out loud. “You got all excited thinking
you were going to get your mouth around his dick and
instead you’re going to eat out his hole. You fucking
loser!”I move toward his ass crack and slide my tongue in and
out searching for his hole. His ass is hard and firm
and I work to plunge my tongue deep enough to swipe it
across his bud. Teen Tube Once there, I stay buried and lick
away until he’s satisfied. “Let’s get him prepped.” He
says as he steps forward and let’s my tongue slip from
his ass. I crawl outside following them.The five of them work together smoothly. They’ve
obviously talked about, and planned what needed to be
done to me. Out in the yard they have a pummel horse
like you’d see in any gymnastics event. Its cold on my
pelvis as I’m bent over it and secured spread eagle by
my ankles and wrist to hooks in the ground. I work to
get into the right head space. My thoughts are all
about being submissive. I keep telling myself things
like, “You’re here to serve them. They are your
masters. They are superior to you. They can do
whatever they want. It’s their right and privilege
because they are men. I deserve to be hurt and used
any way they want. I deserve to be in pain and they
deserve pleasure. I want to be abused. I want to feel
pain. I want to be humiliated and punished. It’s my
place…” I sink lower and lower into my sub space.I tug lightly at my arm and leg restraints getting a
sense of security in my bonds. Knowing how tightly I’m
bound convinces me I can’t fall and helps me to
surrender and be more vulnerable to them. “Don’t you
fucking move boy!” I suck the pain in faster than the
words as a hard smack of someone’s hand lands across
my ass. I try to relax into it knowing that my bonds
alone won’t keep me still enough to please them. My
ass burns hot as I’m spanked several more times with
fast stinging slaps. I keep reminding myself that I
should be grateful for the pain. Without intending to
I softly say “Thank you, Sir,” out loud. A ball gag is
quickly strapped in my mouth to remind me that no one
wants to hear me talk.My asshole yields as something thin and cold is slid
into it. I know that feeling and know what’s coming.
My ass is slowly filled with water to clean it out.
The pressure increases and gets more uncomfortable.
Being bent over the pummel horse makes it even worse.
“Hold it,” Is all that’s said to me. I try to ignore
the conversations that are taking place around Teen Tube
me. I
don’t need to be reminded that at this point I’m just
an object to them. I concentrate on holding the water
in and letting it work inside me. I feel the soap
lathered into my crack and the scraping of the razor
as my ass is shaved. My ball sac is pulled tight as my
balls a shaved as well. I tighten my ass because I
don’t want to know what will happen if I let some
water slip out and wet whoever is shaving me. I can’t
hold it much longer.The lash of a flogger lands across my back making me
jump and I feel a warm trickle down my legs. I clamp
down harder and the cramping and pressure gets worse.
Another lash lands across my shoulders and a grunt
escapes as my stomach cramps. Another blow from the
flogger lands on my back and a split second later
another lands across my ass. I lose control for a
second and a gush of water escapes from me. “You’ll
pay for that!” I’m warned as another double blow
lands. I try to hold it but I can’t and water gushes
from me. The next blows are even harder and more
escapes. My legs are soaked. I can’t stop the flow
anymore. My back, my shoulders, and my ass are
pummeled with the floggers. I relax into the pain and
let myself drain rather than clamp down and try to
fight it.Cold water from the hose yanks me out of my head space
as it’s used to clean me off. Then the hose is slipped
back up my ass and the whole process is repeated two
more times. Finally, empty and drained, I’m released
from the horse and dropped to the ground on my Teen Tube back.
Dennis stands on my hands pinning me to the ground.
One of the black guys trims my pubic hair real short
and small. I’m left with just a small amount of hair
around my cock. My balls are already shaved bare and I
feel naked and self-conscious this way. My cock and
balls look huge. My dick is big, but my balls are very
big.A slap lands on my balls and I instinctively try to
curl up. I hate having my balls smacked! It hurts so
fucking bad. “Don’t you fucking resist me!” The black
guy commands, “Open your fucking legs so I can hit you
again!” I try to obey him and I stretch out and open
my legs again. He grabs my big balls in his hand and
pulls them out tight. A series Teen Tube of fast light slaps
land on my outstretched balls as I struggle to keep
them open and exposed to him. Finally I can’t stand it
and pull my legs up in an effort to protect my poor
balls. Scott and Dan grab my ankles and stretch me out
again. “I told you not to resist me!” I’m scolded as
he clamps his hand down squeezing my balls even
tighter. The slaps are slower and slightly harder and
I concentrate on not pulling my legs up again.
Finally, he stops hitting them, but he squeezes even
harder. The more I tighten up, the harder he squeezes.I talk to myself, driving myself lower, “take it,” I
tell myself. “Relax, you can handle it. You’re
supposed to be in pain. You like pain. You deserve
pain. I want the pain. I’m grateful for the pain.” My
body relaxes and instead of fighting the pain I sink
into it. I absorb the pain.Dan’s voice invades my head space. “You sick little
fuck! The guy is breaking your balls and you Teen Tube
get a
hard on. It never ceases to amaze me what a sick
little fuck you are.” I sink even further. Another
blow lands to my balls and a soft moan of pleasure
escapes me.I shower outside with them watching. The water from
the hose is cold by this point, but I make sure to
clean myself up well. They taunt and humiliate me by
making me bend over so they can watch me wash my ass.
They make me jerk off my hard dick and make me stop as
I get close to Teen Tube
cumming. Pre-cum oozes out and leaves a
visible streak in the soap. They have me pinch and
twist my own nipples until I’m squirming from the
pain. It’s really degrading to have to abuse myself.In the house I’m dressed for the night’s activities. A
leather collar is locked around my neck and a long
leather leash it attached. Wrist and ankle cuffs are
locked on. There’s a short chain between the ankle
cuffs to prevent me from taking full steps. My cock
and balls are pulled through a metal ring sewn into a
leather jock that is locked around my waste. A
codpiece is snapped on to the jock, trapping my cock
and balls tightly between the two pieces. Nipple
clamps with a chain between them are attached. The
whole time I’m thinking to myself that they’re all
dressed and I’m standing naked. They’re all touching
and grabbing at me without any hesitation and I just
stand there and don’t even resist. I’m actually turned
on by it. They all stand back to admire their handy
work.Dan has that evil grin I’ve come to dread. “He’s
physically ready. Now let’s get him mentally ready.”
Dan grabs a small bowl. Without ever breaking eye
contact with me, he takes out his dick and pisses into
the bowl. Placing it on the floor, he snaps his
fingers and points to the bowl. Mother Fucker! I think
to myself as I drop to all fours. Dan pushes the bowl
closer with his foot. He dips his toe in and offers it
to me to clean it off. I lick and suck it clean. He
does it several more times. “Now put your tongue in
the bowl and wait for us to get ready.” Everyone
laughs. I stick out my tongue and put in the bowl of
piss. The position is uncomfortable Teen Tube and totally
humiliating. “By the way asshole, your dick is rock
hard again.” They all laugh again as I’m left there
totally degraded while they get ready to go out.
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